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Insurance Coverage

With business comes risk, and with risk comes insurance. When insurance fails to respond to a business claim, however, the results can be disastrous for a company. Trevor has participated in the recovery of over $100,000,000.00 in insurance proceeds for businesses across Texas. Trevor formerly practiced with one of the largest commercial law firms in Texas, and he continues to employ his wide breadth of experience and expertise to successfully litigate for businesses large and small in myriad areas of coverage, often in bet-the-company disputes where the availability of insurance is the difference between keeping the doors open and bankruptcy.

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Business Litigation


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Debt & Bankruptcy

Creditors are relentless, and they don’t give up.  You shouldn’t, either.  Trevor has aggressively defended hundreds of clients across the State of Texas against creditors. 

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A Lawyer Who Listens

You don’t “want” a lawyer … you “need” a lawyer. There is a difference, and too often lawyers forget that. You need a lawyer who will answer your call, who will listen to your problem, and who will identify solutions to your problem based upon your circumstances. Your business does not exist in a box, and your business won’t find solutions to conflicts in a box, either.

For over 16 years, Austin attorney Trevor B. Hall has represented business and individuals in disputes across Texas.  


The Time is Now.

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