Divorce raises many questions. What happens to the children? Who gets the house, the car, or the retirement account? How long does divorce take? Trevor answers your questions and offers solutions.

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Child Custody & Support

When circumstances change regarding your child, then you may need to modify visitation, access, or support of the child. Trevor Hall will guide you through this process to protect your child’s best interests.

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Consumer Debt & Bankruptcy

Creditors are relentless, and they don’t give up.  You shouldn’t, either.  Trevor has aggressively defended hundreds of clients across the State of Texas against creditors, so if you need relief from mounting debt, then Trevor stands at your side.

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A Lawyer Who Listens

You don’t “want” a lawyer … you “need” a lawyer. There is a difference, and too often lawyers forget that. You need a lawyer who will answer your call, who will listen to your problem, and who will identify solutions to your problem based upon your circumstances. You don’t live your life in a box, and you won’t find solutions to your problems in a box, either.

For over 15 years, Austin divorce and debt lawyer Trevor Hall has compassionately guided people just like you through these emotional times. Call Trevor today to protect your rights, your children, and your property.


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