Welcome to the Hall Law Firm

At Hall Law Firm, attorney Trevor Hall merges extensive expertise in business insurance law with his unique passion for providing compassionate representation to individuals in family law.

With business comes risk, and with risk comes insurance.  When insurance fails to respond to a business claim, however, the results can be disastrous for a company. Trevor has participated in the recovery of over $100,000,000.00 in insurance proceeds for businesses across Texas.  Trevor formerly practiced with one of the largest commercial law firms in Texas, and he continues to employ his wide breadth of experience and expertise to successfully litigate for businesses large and small in myriad areas of coverage, often in bet-the-company disputes where the availability of insurance is the difference between keeping the doors open and bankruptcy.

Divorce is an unfortunate reality that raises incredibly difficult questions. Where will the children live and how will the courts determine support?  How will the marital estate be divided, and what will happen to the house, the retirement funds, and the remainder of the property? Perhaps a parent seeks to modify an existing court order relating to the children.  When faced with the emotional trauma that accompanies family distress, one needs a lawyer who listens. Trevor listens to his clients to develop solutions in the life-changing process of divorce and/or custody modification.

At Hall Law Firm, Trevor Hall employs a client-centric business model that allows him to provide affordable representation to businesses and individuals.  Clients always work directly with Trevor, who handles every aspect of the case.  Trevor utilizes technology to maximize efficiency and client communications. Whether a business or an individual, clients communicate directly with Trevor, whether in person, by phone, or by e-mail.  Trevor also works under alternative fee arrangements to maximize the value and efficiency to his clients.

For more information, contact Trevor Hall at the Hall Law Firm. Trevor Hall represents clients across the State of Texas.